An Unmentioned Silence

An Unmentioned Silence An Unmentioned Silence By Martin Hanley

Swept away within a boundless and unmentioned silence. Where the sea arrives, it always returns and we, still troubled by its sharp circumference, remain loyal; forever drowning. Never triumphant, never boasting, but tender like a dark rain that endlessly pours to caress and soothe the souls’ inner fires.

Sweeping away life’s endless woes, forever breaking the chains of time and glory. Its very essence contrives to own us, to charm the reticent, too reluctant and resigned. No heavy stillness can now remain here. No other witness, as twin worlds together combine. Still toiling and turning we reveal life’s special yearning, for the inner journey consumes us most. Where words still hover like moths ascending; no looking back now as our light unfolds…love.

Copyright © Martin Hanley 3/ 18/ 2014 

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