Dreamcatcher by maria fokasDREAMCATCHER by Maria Fokas –

Handmade, based on a willow hoop, net loosely woven, and decorated with sacred feathers.

I held her in my arms. She was a little girl, not more than five – my little girl; yes, I saw her face, and I think I saw a subtle smile, but I knew she would be leaving me soon. I didn’t have much time and there was so much more to say. She was so young, but I felt she had been waiting for too long. I wanted to tell her how much I love her, but the word love was too weak for this occasion.

Time was running out; when I finally spoke – the words were not of love, but of a promise; a promise that no matter how much time passed, I would one day find her again – a promise that I would never let go, that I would always remember, and then I found myself saying more. That if she stayed I would change – I would stand up for her more, and protect her; no one would ever hurt her again.

And when I lay me down to sleep, I will remember everything  we’ve ever been through – and all the times you made me proud. You were in my best of dreams, and held my hand during my worst nightmares. And when I could not sleep, you told me stories of a sacred bridge, with endless meanings, and made the cold disappear, you spoke of the sun, the moon, and the months, that keep coming back no matter what. You made the many colors across the skies appear, and you gave me hope when I had none. But most of all, you never gave up.

Then, that little girl woke up. I saw her clear brown eyes, and once again, my mind was playing tricks on me, just to catch me by surprise  – 

She smiled, and my heart knew, what my eyes could not see –

© 2014 Maria Fokas


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