The Heart of a Poem

The Heart of a Poem by Maria Fokas

Life is a poem;  entwined with endless dreams

Words that leave behind a longing I cannot deny

Waiting for his arrival – while knowing, he may never come

Regardless of the promises – regardless of lost time

The truth is always there, hidden between the pauses of his smile,

Life is a seductive poem, captivated in wild dreams  – and in all its wonder

I forgot that the beating of my heart will one day stop  

Whether brief or long, this poem I speak of – makes no difference

For it was not in the bare passion of words that I found you,

But in the tear that rolled down your cheek  –

And in our need to believe, we ignored a cruel truth;

The moment it will cease, but there is still time left, the heart whispered in desire

And with the sound of your voice… my fear disappeared.

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