About Me

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  • What inspired me to start this blog . . .

To begin, I apologize for sometimes writing long blogs. I keep forgetting we’re in desperate need of time – There were two reasons I started this blog; to share all types of stories without needing the “permission” of a publisher or the “acceptance” of an agent, which is a grand thing. And, to read interesting stories in endless blogs by fascinating people (I mean everybody).

  • The intended focus of my site and what readers can expect. . .

This blog will share with you short stories, free verse poetry, and extracts of longer stories. I aim to take you away to a different place without leaving your homes. My wish is to entertain and to stimulate feeling. So when you visit me every now and then I’ll try to take you on a journey; whether brief or long with the desire to make it worth your while – or at least the intent to put a smile on your day – I hope.

  • What I do and my interests . . .

I’ve taught the English language for many years and the thing I found most interesting about the work I did was the moments students would let me into their worlds; the stories they would share were amazing. I continue to teach but devote some time to writing as well. About my interests, well the thing is they are too many to mention; so I will not bore 🙂

  • What my blog’s title means and why I chose it. . .

Finally the title “In the Depths of Darkness” was chosen on a very difficult day; one where I needed a friend who was there for me. Days which are difficult can also be special. It is those days which bring our real friends closer – and no matter how far they are, they are always present when we need them the most.

Thank you for the visit and, bless you and your loved ones!



  1. Thank you for following my poetry blog. I feel everyone who reads my poems is a gift, hopefully that will keep on giving, and I look forward to a leisurely timeless walk in your garden of words

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