The Holy Rocks

The Holy Rocks By Maria Fokas The rocks hidden in the sky – They are not silent in my presence. They stretch as far as the eye can see; A reflection in the horizon: An element of past rememberance. A stir of wondrous light. No strangers here– As dusk sets in – I can hear them, The bells ring, in the empty light of warmth; beneath my feet.   Continue reading The Holy Rocks

The Bridge to the Other Side:

                                                                              Photograph by Maria Fokas Setting of Beneath the White Willow – Novel by Maria Fokas Promise me, you will do the things we dreamt of doing together  Promise me, and if we ever meet again – I promise to make things right. . . . Darkness has taken hold of me; there is no plea for my weakness  But I will not forget: The times you held my hand, when I was far above the ground The times you held on, when I disappeared into the underworld And if by chance, you ever trip and fall; For doubt … Continue reading The Bridge to the Other Side:

Raw Moments in Time

There are moments in life you don’t want to edit . . . because time is of the essence . . .you want to capture the moment …embrace it….and hold on to it as tightly as your heart can stand it . . .Sometimes the raw moments of life are also the truth that reminds us that we are alive but any moment it can all change . . . Oh, the inevitable truth that we are so temporary . . . the fear of whether we will be remembered when we are gone . . . and the knowing … Continue reading Raw Moments in Time


  “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”  – Ansel Adams                                                                                                                       … Continue reading Photography

Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race)

 2. Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race) by Maria Fokas I yearn for memories dressed in pleasure; silky silver wrappings, tied in red ribbons, as the snow settles in the winter nights. And when spring comes, breakfast in a secluded diner; your choice, and I’ll be there for that smile; such beauty is soothing to the heart. I want to sail away with my lover in the summertime, and forget all the plastic in the world; too much of it everywhere we turn. I close my eyes and see you sitting at that old forgotten piano. Your fingers dance on the keys … Continue reading Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race)

Beyond Beauty

Beyond Beauty by Maria Fokas The last day of 2013. I won’t go back to recall everything I had planned to do and didn’t get round to doing,  because that part doesn’t matter anymore. I guess the best part of a journey is not knowing what the days will bring after everything is planned and the wheels are turned into motion. So I focus on the unexpected which took place. That part I can assure you was incredible. Yes there was the good and the bad but I would not change a thing, and to be able to say that, … Continue reading Beyond Beauty