Samsara by Maria Fokas With a torch in one hand and a key in the other, she stands alone before a crossroad. The paths are glowing below the full-moonlight sky; with her first step, she opens her eyes, again. She cries between lives and dances between deaths. She claims that nothing is ever lost – but that is never the case. She recalls three forms – past, present, and future; as blessed souls, return to the other side. Her travels are spread across the continents, with no care in the world, searching for a friendly face, but they have become so scarce. … Continue reading Samsara

The Heart of a Poem

The Heart of a Poem by Maria Fokas Life is a poem;  entwined with endless dreams Words that leave behind a longing I cannot deny Waiting for his arrival – while knowing, he may never come Regardless of the promises – regardless of lost time The truth is always there, hidden between the pauses of his smile, Life is a seductive poem, captivated in wild dreams  – and in all its wonder I forgot that the beating of my heart will one day stop   Whether brief or long, this poem I speak of – makes no difference For it was … Continue reading The Heart of a Poem