When Darkness Takes

When Darkness Takes by Martin Hanley Whenever the night feels long and the darkness takes, remember once when we were strong, and scented apples were ours to take. Our dreams crossed paths while we were awake – two kindred souls forever stirring. Dedication Copyright (c) Martin Hanley 5/20/2014 Continue reading When Darkness Takes


Desire by Maria Fokas Desire must make no sense in the whispers of my lovers Press your cheek against mine Let me take pleasure in your thoughts Share with me your secrets The ones you’ve never dared to before While we mingle with your friends Let me stir the ice in your drink, with my fingertips In the melody of music, stroke the back of my neck And when we sway on the dance floor Feel my aching need, for your control In the depths of darkness… I find comfort in knowing, you can spin my heart with your desire.   Continue reading DESIRE

An Empty Page

An Empty Page by Maria Fokas There are many tragedies in life, and I am lucky not to have experienced many of them yet. But when I’m lost, I  pretend to be the center of this world; knowing I am not, and the painful secrets surface. I don’t think about those who are worse off than me. When it gets hard, should I be thankful that there are worse hardships out there? Using the unfortunate lives of others to make me feel better about my life, when life is difficult, is not a rational option for me. But I am guilty … Continue reading An Empty Page

On Seeing Semele

On Seeing Semele  By Martin Hanley  Dedicated to my sister Marian, who died on the 25 th of April 2013. Surrounded by the living, Semele walks her path alone. Safe now from Decadron that bitter-sweet antonym has come undone. Semele bloated and beckoning; a turgid Styx, a melanoid sun. Gentle hazel in the moonlight like glistening pools they haunt me as wheezing gasps echo in the room next door but one. Semele, still waiting as three sisters weave and their eternal thread is spun. Her short-term; your long-term in a rain-soaked pastel hospice; her senses now numb. Syndromes and charts masked … Continue reading On Seeing Semele


DREAMCATCHER by Maria Fokas – Handmade, based on a willow hoop, net loosely woven, and decorated with sacred feathers. I held her in my arms. She was a little girl, not more than five – my little girl; yes, I saw her face, and I think I saw a subtle smile, but I knew she would be leaving me soon. I didn’t have much time and there was so much more to say. She was so young, but I felt she had been waiting for too long. I wanted to tell her how much I love her, but the word love was too weak for this … Continue reading Dreamcatcher


 MEGALOMANIA by Maria Fokas Like a dark, tragic novel, she knows her end. Excessively preoccupied with prestige, and vanity. She makes friends easily, but inevitably loses them all. One by one, they turn away, despised by her arrogance. She claims a sense of entitlement, with her grandiosity behavior. Bears no empathy;  her tears are fake, and her life is synthetic. She speaks of superior accomplishments, in the tales she tells  – and envies those who own successes. But when she speaks kind words, do not be intrigued. Those words are merely her attempt to own you. She has many fears, but the greatest is rejection. When I look into … Continue reading MEGALOMANIA

Two Strands

 TWO STRANDS by Maria Fokas  A molecule encodes the journey. It functions along side all known forms of life. From what I recall, he spoke of two. Did he mean souls? He used simple words.  As I listened to his story, he described a backbone he had composed. He claimed of an alternating attachment. My thoughts ran in opposite directions to each other. And I wondered how to change the law of anti-parallel worlds. There must be a way for our souls to merge. And if they do, how would we know? Is there a code of love that guides us to … Continue reading Two Strands

Stuck in a Moment

Stuck in a Moment by Maria Fokas I look out into the world and see confusion; a reflection of what I feel inside. I suppose because something is missing. So much I don’t understand. I know I’m not alone in the loneliness I feel every now and then. I wonder about that dark emptiness lurking beyond the shadow of my soul; like a black hole lingering in the far distance – no corners to confine it – scattered arbitrarily, or maybe abiding by a law of some universe keeping it at a specific point and distance but never to disappear. The … Continue reading Stuck in a Moment