The Thorns of Time

The Thorns of Time by Maria Fokas First, you left; And then, I forgot.              – I watched the days go by in silence Without a sign of love; I waited – I felt the thorns of time.              – I wept for the miracles Those we left behind – Damn those walls we swore to break.              – And all I ever wished for To find the truth, in all the loves that slip away – Stripped of dignity; the things I’ve done.              – My heart has turned against the tide The heart of time bestows all hope – … Continue reading The Thorns of Time

The Flame

The Flame by Maria Fokas Like an Empress of Time, the Flame distorts the mind, dancing her seductive dance, as the wood crackles with each breath. But who keeps track of what is lost, as time goes by. The walls kindle in deep maroon, and time stands still again, then disappears into a darkness, and I dream of impossible things; of distant oceans, under the seas, with gentle crests of endless waves. Soft ripples that caress the sand, then retrieve back into the sea with a soft melody – hidden in the stir of the flame: In a world far … Continue reading The Flame

The Art of a Good Day

The Art of a Good Day by Maria Fokas I will join thee – The hue of deep red grape Warm and sensual – Beaujolais; grown on France’s granite slopes; A cherry-strawberry taste Marry with a flavour of Mt. Olympus; A crumbly aged-cheese On my last moment I will celebrate my day A helpless invitation Favoured with moments that we craved drone – chord – duple – dine I will play you the violin There is a willful sacrifice  For the one we love In the sweet taste of wine I will wait for thee to dine –   source … Continue reading The Art of a Good Day

Tango Heart

Tango Heart by Maria Fokas In the brothels of her sphere He moves to the rhythm of his heart – Catch her eyes and wheel her in Closer; inhale the same breath He flicks her to the side Puts his lips to her neck A taste, a tease, an endless time He turns her hips; a sweet caress – His hand on her waist He grips and pulls Chest to chest In close embrace Molinete – And when you drink – the Potion of the Gods Be sure to sip – from the same cup   Photo: Continue reading Tango Heart


Rain-Drops by Maria Fokas I peeked out of my window this morning at 6 am. It had been raining all night. The misty damp air said, “Get back in bed.” But I keep my eyes on the rain; where stories come from. It fervently thrums on roof-tops, and pavements; drip, drop, babble, drum  – accent on the tempo before another thrum. I make myself some coffee; my lips tease the blend before I take that sip, then I click on the saxophone. I succumb to those sensual pictures from the late 1940s and 50s before my time. They did know … Continue reading Rain-Drops

Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race)

 2. Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race) by Maria Fokas I yearn for memories dressed in pleasure; silky silver wrappings, tied in red ribbons, as the snow settles in the winter nights. And when spring comes, breakfast in a secluded diner; your choice, and I’ll be there for that smile; such beauty is soothing to the heart. I want to sail away with my lover in the summertime, and forget all the plastic in the world; too much of it everywhere we turn. I close my eyes and see you sitting at that old forgotten piano. Your fingers dance on the keys … Continue reading Forbidden Shells (Plastic Race)

Forbidden Shells (Reality)

1. Forbidden Shells (Reality) by Maria Fokas I woke up this morning from the inside out; opened my eyes to a broken day – He asked me if I knew anything about reality, but who can claim to know? It would have to be an objective lad, but minds are subjective most of the time. Maybe there’s one percent that knows, but what would they say? : “I know that I cannot possibly be objective when cultured to think a specific way, and regardless of what I choose opposed to what I deny, could it be the inner voice of … Continue reading Forbidden Shells (Reality)


(Collaborative Poetry)  In the days when poetry was all we had misery was sweet. Yearning was hidden in her thoughts; and in the tarrying of retreat. His lips used proper words – his whispers spoke of delicious scandals. In the night, her longing simmered in her dreams. And with the resting of her eyes, she could hear his voice break through the cracks of time: M.F. “A blindfold of forsaken moments lay bare and exposed.  Twilight teasing – their tongues entwined – now whispers below, With slender fingers that dance upon a stilted frame. Nestling behind the hollow curve; the flowing fire is set aglow. Taste the divine, as … Continue reading EXPECTATIONS BETWEEN TIME

The Red House

The Red House by Maria Fokas My eyes opened to an empty day: How long has it been, a decade, a century? I swear! Only a day; you’ve been gone one day. The wilderness of silence hovers over me. And that unspoken word, still lingers in my head – You said – good-bye, with the word “Regards” A formality with such powerful blow To hatch the beast that mocks my loss. In the red house  – no enemies remain; no one but me, I lean my head against the window pane; Way above the sky, a warm light comes down! I … Continue reading The Red House

The Lonely Rock

The Lonely Rock by Maria Fokas It was the scent of love that kept her near “Don’t ever leave me,” he whispered (in her ear) – She wanted to stay but her heart had shattered Their moments wrapped in petals of jasmine She fought her demons by planting dreams She sang to the lighthouse across the seas She hid her cries in quotes of delight But she never, ever dared – to say good-bye Her soul weary, drained in vacant words “Please forgive me, for all I could not be” – She urged her mind to expose her weakness But … Continue reading The Lonely Rock